Grade 4
Instructor: Janice Daleke   
á Thank you to all the Teachers, Parents, Family, and Friends that made my last year a wonderful year. áSacred Heart School will forever be in my heart. áBlessings to allá
Mrs. Janice Dalekeá



Class Tasks
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Class Announcements
The Agenda is a great way to keep track of your child's assignments. Please sign your Child's agenda each night.
PLEASE make sure all text books are covered. The text books are very expensive and if a textbook is damaged fines will be charged. Our textbooks are state books and it is required by the state that they are covered.
Study! Study ! Study! I can not stress enough how important knowing the multiplication facts are to your child's success in fourth grade math. Please help your child learn the facts 2's to 12"s.
Lunch money
Please send your child's lunch money in an envelope. On the outside of the envelope please write your childs name, class name (4A) and lunch money. Milk may be purchased in the lunch line each day.

Thank you
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Class Homework
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